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GTST Episode 136: Third Brown Eye

Women aren’t funny, and science tells us so. Amy Schumer’s mistake was that she didn’t steal any good jokes. Steal them all and get funny, Amy. There’s a lot of discussion about the “get off my lawn” urge that both Matt and Addison suffer from. Then Matt gives his idea for a lottery system of [&hellip

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GTST Episode 119: Hello Virginians

This is our highest listened to episode ever, and you’ll find out why a few minutes in. Also as a side note HELLO VIRGINIANS. Then we discuss (within the context of Johnson supporting the TPP) several aspects of the TPP and it’s relevance to the election cycle this year. Then there’s a side note about [&hellip

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GTST Episode 47: Nathan Stephen Abernathy

There’s talk about why we missed two week’s of shows, Ferguson updates, and some discussion on the Grand Jury announcement expected soon. We talk about the recent elections, and some thoughts on who’s in power and what will “change” in the future. There’s an interesting story about a ship and a lot of cocaine, and [&hellip

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