Cullen Williams Archive

GTST Episode 151: Shakespeare for Rednecks

Matt and Addison take a call from famed West Coast Correspondent Cullen Williams. After discussing life in California and some political things, they discuss the recent news involving CNN shitting bricks about a GIF, and wrap it up with a story about Astral Projection. This episode is presented uncensored with minimal profanity due to scheduling [&hellip

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GTST Episode 120: Seeing the Johnson with Cullen Williams

Cullen Williams joins us for a shorter episode since he’s in town. We discuss #Aleppo and Gary Johnson as a whole. There’s some digression about Apple’s new EarAirPods and the sheeple, and how much money we’ve given to politicians. Cullen tells a story of a suspicious voting incident in California, and we discuss Johnson’s outcome [&hellip

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GTST Episode 78: #BlackLivesMatter with Cullen Williams

It’s guest time on Give That Some Thought! In a monumental first, we had our first guest join me and Matt on the show this week. “Friend of the show” Cullen William joins us at Tripod One for the duration of a show. We kick it off talking about the political system and the two [&hellip

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