Lee Harvey Oswald Archive

GTST Episode 159: Hulme Holdings

We discussed all sorts of things such as the what it takes to get into Honors English these days, and what’s included in the JFK files and what that could mean. We battled a strange smell in Matt’s apartment, and there’s also an epic game of FoxNews vs. Infowars. This episode is presented uncensored with [&hellip

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GTST Episode 75: Thought Virus

This is a short episode where only two main topics are discussed. The social and civil unrest in Chesterfield Missouri, and a top ten list of conspiracy theories and their validity. Matt is a meme now, and Addison (suddenly) believes in social justice. Subscribe in iTunes or on Stitcher. Follow Matt (@Suburban_Wizard) and Addison (@AddisonTodd) [&hellip

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