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GTST Episode 163: Boxing Day

It’s the day after Christmas and the boys are here to play games, tell Christmas stories, etc. Follow Matt (@Suburban_Wizard) and Addison (@AddisonTodd) on Twitter. Follow the show on Twitter: @GiveThoughtShow

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GTST Episode 138: Have You Ever Seen a Lesbian In Real Life?

Matt had pinkeye, and the patriarchy is the only thing keeping this planet spinning. On top of that there’s a conversation about the intent behind worship, and a discussion of the events surrounding Milo Yiannopoulos this past week and a lengthy discussion about pedophilia as well. Matt almost dies, and Addison cuts the episode short. [&hellip

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GTST Episode 134: Matt’s Cocktail Corner

There’s some smooth sexy talk to start off the episode. We begin to discuss politics momentarily before getting off the topic to discuss all of the various sections of life. We discuss the Illuminati Symbolism typically included in the Super Bowl Halftime show, and whether or not magic plays a roll. We introduce a few [&hellip

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