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GTST Episode 148: Check and Refresh

Dr. Matt diagnoses Addison’s latest ailment much to Addison’s surprise. We discuss occult viewpoints and why it’s interesting, and also the value of public prayer. Also Matt shoots Freda with a rubberband gun. This episode is presented uncensored with minimal profanity due to scheduling constraints Follow Matt (@Suburban_Wizard) and Addison (@AddisonTodd) on Twitter. Follow the [&hellip

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GTST Episode 146: The Apocalypse

There’s some resolution to the confrontation we had on last week’s episode in which we further discuss the “ministry” of one charlatan known as David E. Taylor. We also discuss transgender issues and why that’s more tied to mental illness in terms of what society normalizes and demonizes. Then to top it all off there’s [&hellip

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