Snowden Archive

GTST Episode 139: Rumcast 3.0

There’s a discussion about International Women’s Day which leads to Matt does some beat poetry. Matt gives a nice moment to the women in his life. There’s a discussion about male and female interactions and what has dictated the symbiotic relationship for the course of human history. We then discuss surveillance and whether or not [&hellip

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GTST Episode 125: Gay Sex and Podesta Emails

We begin by Matt discussing what really grinds his gears. Addison explains the thing he’s looking forward to most on November 9th, and we get the scoop on what’s happening on 4chan, as well as a birthday shout out to a very special topic of the show. We also break down the Project Veritas videos [&hellip

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GTST Episode 80: Eco-Friendly Transginger Hippies

Matt and Addison recap their week, and then jump directly into this week’s headlines; beginning with a story about the season premiere of South Park. Then there’s a comedian that’s a huge liar, and a LOT of talk about 9/11. Towards the end of that discussion Alex Jones happens to pop by the studio in [&hellip

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