St. Louis Archive

GTST Episode 144: It Doesn’t Matter and Nobody Cares

Addison tells a story of how his car was towed, there’s some discussion about malls in St. Louis and what happened to St. Louis Mills. Then we discuss the flooding in the bi-state area, and finally we talk about how Facebook controls your thoughts and sells you things. This episode is presented uncensored with minimal [&hellip

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GTST Episode 72: Dr. Matt

We discuss a mysterious gift that Matt received for being a local celebrity, and also we break down True Detective. (spoilers) Addison explains why Matt is “Dr. Matt” and Matt sheds some light on why that’s the case in a deeply intimate story. We also discuss how Missouri is kind of a dick to people [&hellip

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GTST Episode 63: In Which Matt is an Anti-Semite

Addison tries to talk Matt into playing Clash of Clans, as opposed to fantasy baseball and Skyrim. We engage in a conversation about what it takes to be insane. In local politics, we talk about the suicide of the Missouri state Auditor Tom Schweich, and his spokesman Spence Jackson’s suicide and whether or not they [&hellip

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