Superbowl Archive

GTST Episode 167: Don’t Waste Your Bites

For round 2, Dano is back in the hot seat. (That’s what we call our guest’s chair at Tripod 2) We discuss the possibility of a game the three of us could play, Matt and Addison have a nice long conversation about Communion during which Dano texts the entire time. After that Dano and Matt [&hellip

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GTST Episode 95: Rum Cast 2.0

Addison and Matt kick off this second edition of Rum Cast with Sailor Jerry’s and by talking about “the big game” on Sunday. Addison talks about the birth of his brand new daughter, and what labor and delivery was like. There’s a quick story about women and Starbucks in Saudi Arabia, and some discussion about [&hellip

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GTST Episode 55: Give That Some Vaguery’s

We begin this week’s show by updating our audience on Matt’s newest development in the job search. Hint: he’s done searching. Matt’s also never been caught for murder. We talk about Aaron Rodgers statement about God not caring about the outcome of sports games, and the story about the balls being illegally deflated. There’s also [&hellip

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