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GTST Episode 164: YouTube Demonetization

This is going up on a Monday, because we know your week needed it. We discussed YouTube demonetization, free speech, the Trump and Kim Jong Un rap battle. Matt admits a story from the other night, and discusses family. Follow Matt (@Suburban_Wizard) and Addison (@AddisonTodd) on Twitter. Follow the show on Twitter: @GiveThoughtShow

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Tevilo Talk 2 – Larry Page Is Smaug

Raspberry Pi 2 will run Windows 10, Google I/O is coming, Music industry opinions & much more, all on Tevilo Talk. Raspberry Pi 2 Google Cardboard Google I/O Dates Announced Samsung TV Issues Apple Watch Glucose App Windows 10 Event Will i Am’s Watch Huggies Connected Diapers Bored Elon Musk Grammy Creators Alliance

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