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GTST Episode 151: Shakespeare for Rednecks

Matt and Addison take a call from famed West Coast Correspondent Cullen Williams. After discussing life in California and some political things, they discuss the recent news involving CNN shitting bricks about a GIF, and wrap it up with a story about Astral Projection. This episode is presented uncensored with minimal profanity due to scheduling [&hellip

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GTST Episode 130: A Sh*tstorm of Chaos

Addison tells a story of a terrible decision, and there’s a bit of an update on #Pizzagate to start it off. After that a fan favorite comes back in the form of Fox News vs. Infowars where Matt attempts to defend his title and reign supreme. There’s some discussion on how THC consumption has evolved [&hellip

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GTST Episode 124: Revelation of the Method

Matt’s brother joins us at Tripod One for a fantastic revelation of the method style look into how things work on GTST. We discuss his interests and some Hulme family background, as well as how we formulate ideas on the show. We also discuss who Sam favors for the upcoming United States General Election. Sam [&hellip

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