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GTST Episode 147: Addison Does His Own Podcast

Addison does his own show after insulting Matt to stay off the episode. What follows is a discussion about narcissism, Addison gets real about some of the things he thinks about and his inspiration to continue and be intentional about the important things. Then there’s a discussion of the Bilderberg meeting taking place over the [&hellip

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GTST Episode 127: Election Day Recap

We tore it all down in this episode. Why did Donald win? What’s left of the DNC? What about Bernie? Is there hope for America going forward? Was the election rigged? All this and more, as well as audience comments about the election. Also the burning question of what drove Trump supporters to the polls [&hellip

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GTST Episode 125: Gay Sex and Podesta Emails

We begin by Matt discussing what really grinds his gears. Addison explains the thing he’s looking forward to most on November 9th, and we get the scoop on what’s happening on 4chan, as well as a birthday shout out to a very special topic of the show. We also break down the Project Veritas videos [&hellip

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