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GTST Episode 164: YouTube Demonetization

This is going up on a Monday, because we know your week needed it. We discussed YouTube demonetization, free speech, the Trump and Kim Jong Un rap battle. Matt admits a story from the other night, and discusses family. Follow Matt (@Suburban_Wizard) and Addison (@AddisonTodd) on Twitter. Follow the show on Twitter: @GiveThoughtShow

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GTST Episode 132: A Merry Cisgender Christmas

We take some listener questions including one about ghosts for the Suburban Wizard himself, we comment on an old bit that was posted on YouTube about religious persecution in America, and discuss the upcoming Christmas holiday and the traditions that surround it. At the end, there’s a special musical guest performance to swing you into [&hellip

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GTST Episode 56: Matt might be retarded

We start off a talking a little bit about podcasting, and Matt’s schedule with his new job. Matt asks about Addison’s strange marking on his arm. Then Matt explains that his new coworkers might think he’s retarded. We also discuss the viral article circling the interwebs about the Christian blogger who refuses to wear yoga [&hellip

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